Sarajevo World Café

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Initiative Group Alpbach in Sarajevo organized a Beyond Forum ALPBACH - SARAJEVO World Café, a project under the concept of the World Café, which aims to give students and young people an opportunity to actively participate in the discussion.

According to the World Café concept, students are divided in groups, where every group has an 15 minutes opportunity of discussion with each of the participating guest experts.



Social Entrepreneurship - 24 March 2014

Social entrepreneurship is for sure one of the hottest topics today. What is social entrepreneurship and what makes it different than "regular" entrepreneurship, who are social entrepreneurs, is there any social entrepreneurship in our country?.. These are just some of the questions our guest tried to discuss with student participants at our Spring World Café.

Guest speakers at the Social entrepreneurship Café were: 

1. Jasmina Sabrihafizović, Manager at the NAHLA education and research center 

2. Erol Mujanović, marathon runner and manager at the NGO Marathon

3. Tatjana Slijepčević, Foundation for social inclusion in BiH

4. Dženan Šarić, project manager at MOZAIK foundation 

5. Kenan Rešo, general manager at the Federal Employment Bureau. 


Crowdsourcing - 19 December 2013

What exactly is crowdsourcing? How important is it and how we can use it? These are just some of the question students tried to answer together with our guest in Sarajevo:

1. Tarik Kapetanovic, a political scientist and blogger

2. Darko Brkan, president of a non-governmental organization "Why not" Sarajevo

3. Amila Ramovic, direcor of "Sarajevo Chamber Music Festival"

4. Jasmink Halilovic, author of the book "War Childhood"

5. Valentina Pellizzer executive director at OneWorld - Platform for Southeast Europe (OWPSEE).


The Future of Culture and Art in Bosnia and Herzegovina - 26 September 2012

The last Sarajevo World Café in 2012 was held in September with the support from the Embassy of the Republic of Austria in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main topic of the Café was Our Expectations : Future of Culture and Arts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where we discussed the future of culture and art in our country, as well as the role of all relevant institutions, such as nongovernmental sector and ministries in charge in the improvement of the current situation in culture and art.

The patron of the event was H.E.  Donatus Köck, Ambassador of the Republic of Austria in Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the discussion was moderated by Claudia Schmied, PhD. a Minister of Education, Art and Culture of Republic of Austria, Wolfgang Petritsch and Wagner Gottfried.

An opportunity to participate and to share their opinion had Haris Čalkić (Association URBAN, Sarajevo), Dobrila Govedarica (Open Society Fund), Petra Bischof (Prohelvetia, Sarajevo), Ena Đozo (Sarajevo Film Festival), Hana Stojić (TRADUKI) and many others.


Tolerance through Art - 6 June 2012 

About art and its influence on tolerance, student talked to guest with different backgrounds and areas of culture:

1. Sabina Ćudić, Lecturer at the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology

2. Boris Ler, actor

3. Donatus Köck, Ambassador of the Republik of Austria in Bosnia and Herzegovina  

4. Valerijan Žuje, writer.


Sarajevo, A sustainable city - 25 April.2012

The second Café had a sustainability of Sarajevo the development of the city, as well as the problems that the inhabitants of Sarajevo face daily, as the main topic.

Guests of the Café were:

1. Vesna Hercegovac-Pašić, a professor at the Urbanism and Spacial planning department of the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo Sarajevo

2. Kasim Tatić, PhD, a professor at the Microeconomics department at the School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo

3. Miroslav Živanović, Deputy Mayor of the City of Sarajevo

4. Haris Lulić,  Minister of transportation Sarajevo Canton and  

5. Amina Omićević, National Technical Officer at United Nations Environment Programme


Brending the country - 28 March 2012

During our first Café, students had an opportunity to discuss the topic with our guests:

1. Nenad Brkić PhD., Profesor na Ekonomskom fakultetu u Sarajevu, Katedra za marketing

2. Valentin Inzko, High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina

3. Goran Milić, Program Director, Aljazeera

4. Dragan Močević, General Manager, Prime Communications, Banja Luka


Beyond Forum Alpbach: Sarajevo World Café was supported by our partners and sponsors: 

Student Parliament of the University in Sarajevo SPUS, School of Economics and Business Sarajevo SEBS, Embassy of the Republic of Austria in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jordan Studio, Fornetti, RedBull, Vispak.