About IGAS

Initiative Group Alpbach Sarajevo (IGAS) was founded in 2007 by a group of former scholarship holders from Bosnia and Herzegovina, after their return from the European Forum Alpbach (EFA). IGAS  is the official partner of the European Forum Alpbach in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main goals of IGAS are:

  • cooperation with the European Forum Alpbach in order to promote the scholarship program in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • providing scholarships for participation in the Forum to students from Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • providing a direct and indirect help to students and young people
  • developing the awareness of importance of a lifelong learning and education at young people
  • promotion of peace and stability through scientific cooperation, discussions, conferences and seminars
  • cooperation with the universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • promotion of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the European Forum Alpbach in Austria.

Ever since the founding of IGAS, European Forum Alpbach was visited by more than 110 students from Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Besides the promotion of EFA and the regular activities during the Forum, IGAS is very active also in Bosnia and Herzegovina through organization of local projects.

The main goal of IGAS is to educate and connect  and this is exactly what we are trying to accomplish for our students by being active, not only during the Forum Alpbach, but also in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We kindly invite all the young people from our country to join us in Alpbach this year too by applying for scholarship!

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