"Besides a wonderful experience, intellectual challenge and beautiful nature, the most impressive thing for me was creating new friendships, simple and an ambient opened for discussions, conversations and socializing. I visited Alpbach at the very end of my studies and it is the place where I got information and formed some attitudes, and completed my thesis." Nermin DAUL

"To participate in one of the most prestigious and most visited European events as European Forum Alpbach for me was a very significant experience and an excellent opportunity to attend some very interesting lectures held by leading experts. An idyllical village Alpbach in the heart of the Alps completed the whole experience." Džana KUJAN

 "Conversation and not speech is the essence of Alpbach, and I feel richer for this experience, because I have felt  how much all the areas discussed in Austria closely reflect on us too. We rose and got closer with the region, we were a constructive factor and we meet and got really close to some wonderful people." Kemal KOŠTREBIĆ

 "Alpbach is definately the best thing and the biggest experience in this year. I assumed it will be a great time and positive atmosphere, but if someone told me I would meet so many FRIENDS and great people, I wouldn't belive him. 

I cannot desribe in words how thankful I am to the Center Municipality for providing the funds and enabled me to visit Alpbach and attend the Seminar Week. I have made friends for life, met so many people who impressed me in different ways, I have broaden my knowledge and changed some of the beliefs and views on the world I had before. i participated in some fantastic seminars and learned from the best. 

Alpbach is definitely my life choice and I plan to participate, as long as I can." Dinka SMAJLAGIĆ

 "What I liked the most was that the lectures were interactive, where students didn't only listen, but actively participated, expressed their opinions and questions regarding the topics. I consider this to be one of the best ways to learn in these kind of events, because we can share our thoughts, but also listen to what others have to say.

European Forum Alpbach is definitely a valuable experience, which I would recommend to everyone who, so far, didn't have an opportunity to attend." Amir HADŽUGLIĆ

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