IGs and Clubs

Associate EFA members - Forum Alpbach Network (FAN)

Alpbach Initiative Groups and Clubs have been founded in numerous European countries by former participants of the European Foruma Alpbach.

These EFA sister organizations represent the idea and spirit of Alpbach throughout the whole year by organizing different events, regular meetings and local Alpbach events.

These organizations have an exceptional meaning in the realization of the scholarship program through their promotional activities, as well as through their offerings of additional scholarships.

Two Initiative Groups form the Standing Committee every year during the EFA, which is the first contact point for all the scholarship holders about Alpbach and the Forum.

Besides that, these organizations participate in creation of the cultural program of the European Forum Alpbach, by organizing different concerts, exhibitions, presentations and the "fireside talks" with the respected participants of the Forum, linking this way students and lecturers in a relaxed and more informal atmosphere. 

The Network of all initiative groups and clubs can be found HERE.

For more informaction on EFA Network, visit the official Facebook profile of FAN.

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