About EFA

European Forum Alpbach (EFA) is one of the most respected multidisciplinary conferences in Europe, which is being held annually since 1945 in a beautiful village Alpbach in Austria. 

The village, also known as the village of thinkers, hosts European Forum Alpbach every august, with more than 3000 participants from more than 50 countries. 

Participants and speakers from different scientific areas, economics, politics, Nobel prize winners, experts and students participate in the program of EFA and discuss everyday topics.

Forum consists of three parts:

Seminar Week – up to 14 seminars, dedicated to different scientific areas. These topics are discussed with acknowledged experts during the 6 half-day sessions. 

Alpbach Symposiums - these two-day and three-day conferences are organized on different topics, from architecture, reforms, rechnology, politics, healthcare to economics. The workshops covering banking, film, EU networking, Tyrolean Day and University Day are also a part of Alpbach Symposiums. 

- Summer Schools – courses on "European Integration" i "European healthcare and social systems in transition", fokused on students in their final years of studies, as well as young graduates. 

Zvanični program EFA dopunjuje i bogat umjetnički i kulturni program. Izložbe, koncerti i predavanja se održavaju sa ciljem da se pruži prilika mladim umjetnicima da prezentiraju svoja djela  posjetiocima Foruma.

Very interesting part of the program are also the "Fireside talks" - spontaneously organized meeting with EFA participants and speakers. 

Participation of the students is enabled through scholarships program, financed by foundations, companies and public funds. This means that every year more than 500 students visit Alpbach.

Most of the events takes place at the Alpbach Congress Center, which is a work of DIN A4 Architects from Innsbruck.

The building reflects light and pleasant atmosphere, but it does not disturb the nature and beauty of the village, so it fits perfectly in the green Tyrolean Alps. 

Clubs and initiative groups, as members of the European Forum Alpbach, have a special meaning and place in the scholarships program. These organizations are associate members of the Forum and are present in numerous European countries. 

Besides granting additional scholarships, these organizations promote the spirit of Alpbach during the entire year, by organizing different events and Alpbach meetings.

Europski Forum Alpbach is organized by the association of the same name, with main office in Vienna. President of the European Forum Alpbach is Franz FISCHLER.

Official languages of the Forum are English and German.

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