The village of thinkers

Alpbach is a small Austrian village in Tirol region. This beautiful place is placed on the altitude of 975m above sea level. 

Thanks to its unique architecture, as well as beautiful flower arrangements, the village has been pronounced the most beautiful in Austria, but also in Europe. 

Fresh air, beautiful meadows, mountains, a breath-taking landscape are all the great reasons to visit Alpbach. No matter if you are interested in biking, paragliding, skiing, tennis, hiking or simply relaxation, Alpbach is the right place to be.  

Its unique character is fulfilled also by the European Forum Alpbach, thanks to which the village is also known as he Village of thinkers. 

E very august, Alpbach is regularly visited by over 3000 participants from more than 50 countries of the world, which creates a special atmosphere. 

For more information about Alpbach, please visit the official web site of the Alpbach tourism office -


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