IGAS Half-Year Report 2019

This year for the IGAS Bosnia-Herzegovina was a total wake-up call. After a long sleepy period, this year we have successfully gathered a new group of enthusiastic young leaders coming with different backgrounds and from many disciplines starting from physics, European studies, law, economics.


The main focus this year was related to the reestablishment of Club visibility and the promotion of the Forum on the national level. In this regards, we have created a Social Media Campaign with designed digital posters that would share a member's experience from Alpbach.

We also joined the FAN Spring Conference. The conference was attended by the following board members: Kemal Nedzibovic, Selma Lacic, Adnan Smajic and Igor Nikolic. The new board members were able to get insights in the work of other clubs and therefore to target their strengths and weaknesses which will improve the future work of the IGAS. Further, for the Initial Group Sarajevo, the conference was important for team building as the new board took over the club this year. Board members were able to further develop new ideas and projects which will lead to better functioning of the IGAS. 

Secondly, on the invitation by ERSTE Foundation Austria, Kemal Nedzibovic - the president of IGAS, have participated in the round table discussion "(Re)building Progressive Thought for Common Europeanness in Central Eastern & Southeastern Europe" in Vienna. The discussion was moderated by Hedvig Morvai, ERSTE Foundation & Vedran Dzihic, Austrian Institute for International Affairs; CAS SEE.

This year we have successfully continued cooperation with Austrian Business Cycle in Bosnia-Herzegovina. This year our Board Members Timur and Mustafa have attended a special event on the occasion of the ENERGA 2019 Fair, as well as the presentation of publication "Austrian Economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina", by the Austrian Business Circle in Sarajevo.

"In the further process, we are looking forward to developing further cooperations with Austrian companies in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Our main aim will be to ensure as many as we can scholarships for young, brilliant minds of Bosnia-Herzegovina. " Kemal Nedžibović, President of IGAS 


IGAS Board Members on the FAN Spring Conference in Retz, Austria: Adnan, Kemal, Selma, Igor


IGAS Board Members Timur H. and Mustafa Dž. on the event by Austrian Business Cycle, together with Valentin Inzko, the High Representative for BiH


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